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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: apache 2.2 crashes at the start time in mod_dbd.c then preparing AuthDBDUserPWQuery
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 19:33:37 GMT
On Sunday 23 July 2006 19:41, Anton Golubev wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> I think you are right about crash reason. It probably was an
> incompatibility of http and apr-util, which I built separately to
> overcame configuration issues. Once I've had the clean build, the problem
> disappeared.

That's a relief :-)  So the underlying bug is indeed what I thought!

> There are three issues with the current 
> auto-configuration regarding activation mysql driver for DBD:


Thanks for the patch.  Can someone @apache who groks
autoconf/tools properly review it, as I don't feel qualified in that area?

> Hope,  that  will  help other non-programmers like me to avoid linking
> clashes trying to build all manually.

What I'd like to see is dynamic loading of apr-util modules, and a
build process as simple as apxs.  But that's another subject.

> Besides that, I still can't get DBD authorization with mysql driver
> running. It is very hard to guess, what it behind the error:
> "Internal error: DBD: failed to initialise prepared SQL statements"
> when the query as simple as
> "select PASS from Users where LOGIN=?"

That should work I think ... if you're connected to a database where
that's valid.  What happens if you use apr_dbd syntax of
"select PASS from Users where LOGIN=%s"?

> I have been trying to implement mysql errno printing to get at least
> the direction of the problem, but I haven't found the proper way, how
> to do that.

I attach a patch that adds the error from mysql (note, the chunk
around line 300 is the only one that wasn't in the previous patch).

> I would be very-very grateful for the help with debugging this.

Me too.  Thanks for the very useful reports!

Nick Kew

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