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From Colm MacCarthaigh <>
Subject Re: [TALLY] Release mod_aspdotnet build 2004?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:58:21 GMT
On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 01:21:12PM -0400, WDaquell wrote:
> So, the whole mod is just going to die? 

It's not like the source will cease to exist or become impossible to
maintain. If no developers can be convinced to volunteer their time and
effort on the maintainence part, then you can always pay someone to do
it :-)

> Just because we didn't submit bugs or feature requests? Isn't there a
> problem with a system that assumes software is unwanted if there
> aren't any bugs found or features that need to be added? -1 for
> opensource from me... I guess I'll have to move on to more expensive
> options. Thank you William Rowe for trying; that's more than most of
> the rest can say.

And we owe you what exactly? :) Feel free to chip in, I'd be more than
happy to vote +1 for the module if I knew how to get it up and running
and test it with even a hello world ASP. I had a brief look, and it
seemed like a lot of effort. You could document that, and it might make
it easier for testers.

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