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From "Luis Fco. Ramirez Daza Glez" <>
Subject RE: [TALLY] Release mod_aspdotnet build 2004?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 15:47:10 GMT
Hi to all

I'm concernd about the mod_aspnet project.

We use it a lot, even in production environments.
But I know nothing about HTTP server programming, a know ASP.NET.

How could we contribute to the project. We Test it, we use it, but we hardly
can do anything more.

So my question is:

How people that just use the mod_aspnet module can contribute or vote, to
make the mod_aspnet project continue?

Kind regards
Luis F. Ramirez

> -----Original Message-----
> From: William A. Rowe, Jr. []
> Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 10:36 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [TALLY] Release mod_aspdotnet build 2004?
> Michael Fischer wrote:
> >
> > I think that the problem with the mod_aspdotnet module, is that the
> > people that need to use it do not think that they are in a position to
> > make meaningful contributions.  This is, of course, making that the
> > assumption that most of the people interested in using it have
> > experience in ASP.NET development, not web server development.
> It appears so, but no.  Incubation has taught us that mentors (oversight)
> do cast educated votes based on 1) reviewing the proposed release
> 'tarball'
> of the source code, that it follows the ASF policies, licensing, NOTICE,
> etc etc, and 2) reviewing the process that led to the release (thus, why
> we killed cli-dev@httpd and folded it into dev@httpd), and 3) reviewing
> the feedback of those who -do- actually test the operations of the
> Incubation mentors often aren't even deeply familiar with the technologies
> they are mentoring, but have an interest in the technology and growing
> a healthy community.  We've learned through trial and error how to do
> Jorge Schrauwen wrote:
>  > This slightly worries me...
>  > Other modules in the early phase of incubation that looks promesing
> like
>  > mod_ftp might end up having simular fates!
> I share your concern and hope not, too!
>  > Is placing interesing modules like mod_aspdotnet, mod_ftp,... in a
>  > seperated project a good idea?
> Not really.  The same oversight is still required.  The issue is that
> 1) process has to be followed, and 2) three people at its project TLP
> who are PMC members have to invest the time to perform those three
> steps I mentioned above.  I'm disappointed two others didn't exist.
>  > Maybe they live longer if there where part of the httpd-truck?
> I really doubt that is a factor - one way or another ;-)
> Steffen wrote:
>  > Is this the end of mod_aspdotnet ? Or it is not anymore under the ASF
>  > flag ?
> Either?  Neither?  Both?  I don't know, I haven't made any final decision
> regarding /my/ personal next step.  The code is under the ASL, period, so
> others do what they will within the scope of that license.  If you toss
> around that code, just remember the candidate you downloaded was not an
> ASF release, please.  The final release will be available at
> where it's always been.
> Naming the files -snapshot-r419791 would be an accurate statement.
>  > I know quite some  (Win)Apacherians using mod_aspdotnet. I am wondering
>  > if the Vote-system is working for this kind of mods, special when it is
>  > related to Windows (we all know that most,  pmc members?, here are
>  > dedicated to *nix flavors). I have no insight in the ASF vote-system,
>  > not sure I could vote.
> To your last point; I understand, that's why I was sure to reply to early
> voters to say yes, if you test the project wants to know this.  Your call
> of course, if you are testing a release tarball for some project on Mac
> OS/X 10.4 and five others already chimed in that it builds and runs
> correctly
> on that specific OS, at some point it becomes pointless to repeat that.
> Does voting work?  I see it work at incubator.  Perhaps those PMC members
> have
> a skillset or frame of mind that isn't common enough here at the httpd
> No idea, but yes I hope it's resolved for other httpd efforts beyond the
> core.
>  > I build and running now version 2004 without issues.
> Thanks for the (belated) feedback, this is good to know :)
> Bill

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