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From "Steffen" <>
Subject Re: [TALLY] Release mod_aspdotnet build 2004?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:47:00 GMT
Is this the end of mod_aspdotnet ? Or it is not anymore under the ASF flag ?  

I know quite some  (Win)Apacherians using mod_aspdotnet. I am wondering if the Vote-system
is working for this kind of mods, special when it is related to Windows (we all know that
most,  pmc members?, here are dedicated to *nix flavors). I have no insight in the ASF vote-system,
not sure I could vote.

I build and running now version 2004 without issues. 


  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Jorge Schrauwen 
  Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 16:29
  Subject: Re: [TALLY] Release mod_aspdotnet build 2004?

  This slightly worries me...
  Other modules in the early phase of incubation that looks promesing like mod_ftp might end
up having simular fates!

  Is placing interesing modules like mod_aspdotnet, mod_ftp,... in a seperated project a good
  Maybe they live longer if there where part of the httpd-truck?


  On 7/19/06, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote: 

       +1 binding:  wrowe

       +1 nonbinding feedback (with qualitative data) from: 

        Jorge Schrauwen
        James Park (pencil_ethics)
        Trent Nelson

    As none of the other pmc members care to inspect the source tarball, the
    vote fails.  As Roy has raised concerns about httpd's ongoing ownership, 
    even of the prior release, that too will be removed from the active location. is
    a lovely permanent museum for that wrinkle in time ( 21 Nov 2004).
    As 2.0.4 and the various snapshots between now and then are not releases,
    those have been removed from /dev/dist.  It will take me a few days to find 
    the free cycles to expunge the trunk of httpd/docs/manual/, downloads.cgi,
    etc and then remove /dist/httpd/mod_aspdotnet.

    As there is no oversight going on here, no further commits will occur to
    bring mod_aspdotnet to Visual Studio 2005 here. 

    What does the list want to do with the unreleased mod_arm4 and mod_aspdotnet
    code repositories?  Do we want to create a /repos/asf/httpd/attic/ repository
    for abandoned/orphaned httpd code?  Or simply svn rm them, knowing they still 
    persist at certain points in history and can be resurrected?

    To those disappointed, I share your disappointment, but have no regret.  This
    is what it is.  I have spent considerable time reviewing the history of posts 
    to cli-dev, cli-users, and the bugtraq database.  No specific individuals
    stand out as frequent posters of bug fixes (not that many were needed), peer
    to peer user feedback authors etc.  Obviously one solution would be to draft the 
    few that express an interest here and now, but the httpd project (appropriately)
    expects a reasonable track record to avoid exactly this sort of issue.

    Although this was a rather mature module from it's inception, with a very short 
    list of issues that users wanted addressed, it certainly attracts many more
    users than developers.  The net code changes since it was granted two years ago
    are less than 250 LoC, and developing -within- the framework has much more 
    interest than developing the -module-, itself.

    I'm afraid this is no different than the passing of JRun and other similar, now
    abandoned code.  Developers and their technologies move on.  It would be amusing 
    if the project spent 5% of the effort that's invested in Apache 1.3 to review
    this release, but that wasn't to be.

    Sadly yours,


    William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
    > Build 2004 of mod_aspdotnet is prepared (after a number of abortive 
    > attempts due to the whole 2.0/2.2 partitioning and renaming of apache.exe,
    > along with switching flavors of InstallShield to a version I have
    > installed)
    > and seeking voters.  The update is here; 
    > Please cast your +/- 1's to release
    > (along with associated binaries ... and ..., 
    > one corresponding to 2.0.44 and later, the other to 2.2.2 and later).
    > This is the last expected release on the Visual Studio .NET (al la 2002)
    > compiler toolchain; the next effort is porting it to VS 2005 (al la, the 
    > one available in a free flavor).  Porting breaks compatibility with the
    > older tools, since VS 2005's C++.NET schema is miles beyond 2002.  For
    > example, a reference becomes a reference, not an overloaded psuedo-pointer. 
    > Bill
    > .

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