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From "Brian Rectanus" <>
Subject [Patch 39806] Add env vars to mod_proxy_balancer to allow more control
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 16:54:49 GMT
Hello all,

I have a minor patch to mod_proxy_balancer that I would like to get
applied.  The patch adds some environment vars to balancer requests to
export info on the chosen route so that it possible to control sticky
sessions entirely from the reverse proxy instead of modifying the
backend app/server to add a route.


On a related topic, is there a reason that mod_proxy_balancer
*appends* ".route", but read the route back after the *first*
occurance of '.'?  This does not work well if there is already a '.'
in the session id (such as if you use a mod_usertrack cookie).  Also,
it does not work well if the backend app is not expecting the appended
route.  Here are some solutions I see:

1) My current patch would allow you to remove the appended route prior
to sending it to the backend, then add it back on response, but this
is kludgy and could be enhanced.

2) Have mod_proxy_balancer keep route in a separate cookie.


3) Configurable separator string.


4) Choose the last occurence of '.' instead of first.

I lean towards 2.  I would be willing to enhance my current patch and
add this feature to mod_proxy_balancer as well if it seems like
something people might want.


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