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From "Paul Smedley" <>
Subject Apache2 Module handle naming convention
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2006 13:30:33 GMT
Hi All,
I'm building Apache2 on OS/2 using GCC.

On OS/2, GCC defaults to naming symbols prefaced with an underscore, 
char IMG_Load ();

when compiled will be _IMG_Load.

It's possible to eliminate the _ by declaring the function as type 
_System, ie:
char _System IMG_Load ();

when compiled will be IMG_Load.

Currently, Apache2 modules are building fine, but the module handle 
has an underscore, ie auth_digest_module has handle 
_auth_digest_module and the loadmodule statement in httpd.conf needs 
to also have an underscore with is contrary to all the documentation.

Problem is I can't see where in the Apache2 source to set '_System'

I tried setting AP_MODULE_DECLARE_DATA  to _System so that the module 
name is declared as
module _System auth_digest_module but this didn't change anything.

Any ideas?



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