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From "Mendonce, Kiran (STSD)" <>
Subject RE: Question on multi-process CGID
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 21:39:53 GMT
We tried using mod_cgi with worker. And its very slow. So that's not an
option we have. Currently we have only worker MPM supported on HP-UX
which is why I tried the multiple cgid approach. 

I went through some of the archived discussions to see if anybody had
experienced something similar. There was one similar discussion. So
theres at least one other person who experienced the same limitation.
Here's the URL :

And the solution that was discussed then was also to provide multiple
CGI daemons. Will this be a feature that will be available sometime ?

Also, I'd like to know if any benchmaking results for CGI has been
published with comparisons between the different Apache MPMs.


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From: Paul Querna [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 2:18 PM
Subject: Re: Question on multi-process CGID

Mendonce, Kiran (STSD) wrote:
> I am looking into the probable bottlenecks. 
> Agreed that the worker MPM has its advantages. But for a customer who 
> is being asked to move to Apache 2.0, we are falling short on the 
> performance and that makes it hard to sell. Since worker + mod_cgid 
> was supposed to improve performance, how is it that the benchmarking 
> numbers fall short ?

It falls short on the CGI benchmarks, because of how mod_cgid works --
it has to communicate across a pipe.  In the real world Ive never seen
that as a bottleneck.  You can use mod_cgi with the Worker MPM, it might
or might not be safe, depending on your operating system.

The worker MPM will generally use less ram (less ram = more concurrency
is possible), be faster for static files, etc.


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