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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: hook call tracing [was: debug apache]
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 16:58:01 GMT
Alexander Lazic wrote:
> On Sam 17.06.2006 00:54, Ruediger Pluem wrote:
>> On 06/16/2006 10:28 PM, Alexander Lazic wrote:
>>> Any opinion from the developer, to this issue?!
>>> On Don 01.06.2006 08:14, Alexander Lazic wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to get a logentry from the hooks in apache to see the
>>>> flow of a request?
>>>> eg:
>>>> $REQUEST accepted on $FD
> [snipp]
>> From my current point of view the answer is: No, this is not possible
>> out of the box.
>> It may be possible if you modify the hook macros.
> And do you think that the developer would accept a patch for apache 2.x
> and would apply it?

Just to be clear; there is no patch (yet) to review?

n quick observations;

  * I've built this myself, it was non trivial so never submitted for
    consideration, and I didn't like my own hack anyways.

  * There's some context missing from the hook structure that would
    be necessary to do this.  Most importantly, the name of the target
    for the hook's call.  This could be the source file or the name of
    the module it resides in or both.

  * I was never really happy with just 'we called X'.  It wasn't worth
    presenting to the list until there's some method to decode the args,
    potentially args in -> args out.  -OR-...

  * Rather than args, what about a hook formatter function that could
    display whatever -relevant- fields (e.g. uri + filename during the
    translation parsing hook, user and pseudo-passwd during auth) that
    usually apply to the intended purpose of the hook.

  * To save hassles, there should be an empty formatter by default until
    various hooks learn to format.

  * We want to record that the module accepted, declined or returned an
    explicit status from it's hook call.

This is definately useful for module developers, and should be added.

It seems our hackathon in Dublin is the best place to kick around ideas?
Actually, Nick and I will probably kick this around Saturday or Sunday
since he's presenting to that crowd (module authors) on Monday.

(And to the original poster, your recent comments are demotivating; you
are generally guarenteed not to have your problem solved by guilting devs
into writing a patch for you, and even if this patch happens, don't expect
a similar reaction to your future posts.  Write it, pay someone to do it
for you, or keep your tone polite but insistent that it benefits the entire
community.  Remember the developers scratch their own itch, not yours, owe
you, personally, nothing.)


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