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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy_balancer/mod_proxy_ajp TODO
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 17:11:21 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:
>> 1. Additional by business load balancing method
>>    that will load balance on the actual load of the
>>    beckend servers. The servers that have shorter reply
>>    time will get more load.
> +1 on the work, but I question the usefulness of this routing algorithm. 
> Does reply time (from the backend server)correlate with resource 
> utilization on the backend server in any but the most contrived cases?

Well, this is the only way the balancer can deduct the load
of the backend server. If the backend server is highly loaded
or with lower performance hardware it response time will be lower
compared to the other participants in the cluster, so it will
get less load, and vice versa.
Of course the ultimate thing would be to actually receive the
feedback from the backend server about its actual CPU/memory
utilization, but thats not protocol independent.


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