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From Darryl Miles <>
Subject mod_proxy_xxxxx last resort fallback redirect ?
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 15:56:26 GMT

I'm interested in your comments (good and bad) on implementing a new 
option to ProxyPass which would make apache perform a redirect when the 
proxy server or balancer cluster is not available.  This minics the same 
functionality of a dedicated hardware load balancer by issuing a HTTP 
redirect response to a holding page ("This service is not available", or 
"We are updating out website").

Can anyone see any reason why this is a bad idea to implement within 
apache, or see any obstacles in my way ?

The last time I looked at the internals of apache it had a sub-request 
facility, I would like to be able to redirect to both external and 
internal pages.  External being a HTTP 3xx response with Location: 
header and would be configured with a absolute url "http://...".  
Internal being a fall through to the configured mapping and content 
handler for the URL just as-if the ProxyPass directive wasn't there, I 
was thinking along the lines of this being configured with a 
"fallthrough:" scheme prefix.  This means it would be possible to use:

DocumentRoot /opt/apache/htdocs
ProxyPass / balancer://group1/ timeout=5 maxattempts=3 

Then if the "balancer://group1" cluster fails the document at 
/opt/apache/htdocs/holding.html is served instead.

Request for comments,


Darryl L. Miles

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