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From Alexander Lazic <>
Subject Re: hook call tracing [was: debug apache]
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 12:52:11 GMT
On Mit 21.06.2006 11:58, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>(And to the original poster, your recent comments are demotivating; you
>are generally guarenteed not to have your problem solved by guilting
>devs into writing a patch for you, and even if this patch happens,
>don't expect a similar reaction to your future posts.  Write it, pay
>someone to do it for you, or keep your tone polite but insistent that
>it benefits the entire community.  Remember the developers scratch
>their own itch, not yours, owe you, personally, nothing.)

You are right, the reason for my *hopless* tone was that i have try a
long time to find a reason why a configuration not work and there was no
option to get some infos from the webserver when what directive/module
catch the request.

I hope you and the other developer accept my apology and understand a
little bit that for some user/admins it is very hard to find out why the
webserver do what he do without a message from the webserver.

I have try to dig into the source but i haven't *like* it and i have try
to search in google for a explanation for *developers* but i haven't
found a helpfull link except

The dependeny to the apr and how the httpd interacts with this lib isn't
very well documented, from my point of view, imho.

I have found in the sources the 'if (getenv("SHOW_HOOKS"))' but a
APR_*HOOK* doc not :-(

I understand that the most of the developer make the work for
* in there freetime and therefore that some parts came out
later into the public world ;-)

Well thank you for you interest an sorry for my expression of my
frustation with the httpd, i have make my decision and look further into
the future of this project.



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