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From Matt Lewandowsky <>
Subject mod_isapi - backport of bugfixes to 2.2
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 09:54:29 GMT
In the last few hours, wrowe has committed a few changes to mod_isapi 
to make it more robust. These changes would be nice to have in the 2.2 
tree, as they correct some fairly major issues. I have tested these 
patches against 2.2.2, and they pass my testing quite happily.

The commits to trunk, abbreviated log messages, and the bugs they 
resolve are as follows:

r416272     PR 16637, 28089, 30033
   Ensure we walk through all the methods the developer may have
   employed to report their HTTP status result code.

r416278     PR 30022
   We need to pay alot more attention here to ap_pass_brigade.

r416288     PR 29098
   Handle "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" style status lines correctly. We were
   also off by one in apr_cpystrn.

r416291     PR 15993
r416293     (cleanup of 416291)
   Stop appending a backslash if some trailing slash is present.

Backporting these to 2.2 is trivial as the patches will apply cleanly. 
I have already tested this group of commits on 2.2 and found no 

Does anyone have any input on the matter?



  * Matt Lewandowsky
  * Random Geek
  * +1 (866) 606-9696   +44 (0) 844 484 8254

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