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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy_balancer/mod_proxy_ajp TODO
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 21:02:11 GMT
Ruediger Pluem wrote:
> +1. Just one thought: I think it would be useful to have this 'health check'
>     approach somewhat generic so that we can implement the call to it inside mod_proxy
>     and its connection pooling itself (e.g. with providers supplied by schema
>     handlers / modules). For AJP this would be CPING/CPONG of course and
>     mod_proxy itself could offer a generic TCP connection 'health check' provider that
>     checks the status of a TCP connection as far as this is possible without
>     reading or writing data. This would be a very generic provider. Other protocol
>     handlers could define other (better) protocol specific providers and
>     just plug them in.

Agreed. Making a generic hearbeat interface that could vary depending
on the actual protocol would be v. cool. So for AJP, CPING/CPONG,
for HTTP some sort of generic TRACE (or HEAD)...
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