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From Alexander Lazic <>
Subject Re: [] Re: debug apache
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 20:33:51 GMT
On Son 18.06.2006 22:25, Mathieu CARBONNEAUX wrote:
>ok i've forget that possibility.... :)
>but using strace directly by attaching to processus can be risky in
>production (like gdb!)... 
>and with apache with 256 or 512 processuss all working can be hard to
>in some time have lost the attempting to attach to it...
>and yes is very low level trace... 
>in first aproche debug log can usefull to see where the problem are and
>after can be useful to use strace/ltrace to deep into the problem...
>debug trace can be usefull to encircle the problem...
>and to have trace of internal information of apache is not very
>freindly in using strace/ltrace... than debug log that are trace
>important information...
>i think is more simple to make corelation with debug trace...
>and with proprietary module like websphere and weblogic can be
>deficulte to make good filter in strace/ltrace to debug...
>and some is only to debug configuration probleme... not only bug...

Sorry for full quote but, full ack ;-)

It is also a help to know *when* *which* catch the request and which
data goes thru.



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