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From Lai Yiu Fai <>
Subject Re: writing 2.x module thaty makes SSL connection
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 07:31:33 GMT
Thanks but looks difficult to me after reading the code.  mod_include is
quite complicated and writing in filter that I don't familiar.

Is it so simple to fire off a subrequest with current request_rec r like

 rr = ap_sub_req_lookup_uri("https://some-server/some-doc.xml", r, NULL);
 if (rr->status == HTTP_OK && ap_run_sub_req(rr) == OK) {
    /* ... read response ... */

Does this pass automatically to mod_proxy_http to handle the request? How
can I read the response back?  Sorry it sounds novice question but I can't
find similar code for reference.


On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 05:23:42PM +0200, Graham Leggett wrote:
> On Mon, June 12, 2006 5:14 pm, Lai Yiu Fai wrote:
> > How can an external module make use of mod_proxy_http to request the
> > document?
> You create a subrequest to fire off the document request. mod_include uses
> this technique to include one URL inside another URL. It fires off a
> subrequest, which it then includes in the response.
> mod_include doesn't care how that subrequest gets called, all it says is
> "get me this URL", which in your case would be
> https://some-server/some-doc.xml".
> > I can't locate any export functions by mod_proxy_http.  I am a novice
> > module
> > writer and could you show how the module structure looks like to make use
> > of mod_proxy_http.
> The best way of getting to grips with this stuff is by looking at examples
> in the httpd code itself. Look at how mod_include does it, as it already
> does something very similar to what you are trying to do.
> Regards,
> Graham
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