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From Gareth McCaughan <>
Subject mod_mbox: incorrect parsing of MIME part-names
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:02:04 GMT
(I sent this to dev@ yesterday, but I wasn't subscribed then.
Presumably the message just got dropped. It would have been
nice to have a bounce message at least, but perhaps the levels
of spam make even that impossible. Alas.)

When mod_mbox sees a multipart message, the code in
mbox_mime_decode_multipart looks in the Content-Type header
of each part for a "name" parameter. Unfortunately, its
handling of this is broken: it treats any whitespace or ";"
as ending the parameter value, which is wrong because a
parameter value can be an RFC822 quoted-string, which can
include any characters at all.

So when mod_mbox sees

    Content-Type: text/plain; name="I am the walrus.txt"

it takes the name to be <<<"I>>>; it then doesn't strip
the double-quotes because the name doesn't end as well as
start with a double-quote; the name then gets stuffed into
an XML attribute value without any sort of encoding; the
result is something that looks like

    <part name=""I" ...>

which confuses the mod_mbox AJAX front end and makes it
fail to retrieve, or at least fail to show, the message.
That's a pity :-).

The following patch kinda-sorta deals with this. Remaining
deficiencies, definite and arguable:

  - Double-quoted parts are permitted anywhere within
    the value, whereas in fact the MIME specs insist
    that a value be *either* a token *or* a single
    quoted-string. (I'm coping reasonably robustly
    with broken data here; I don't think this is a

  - Double-quote pairs other than at the start and end
    of the value aren't stripped. In other words, the
    above-mentioned robustness isn't used properly.
    This is a deficiency.

  - Escaped characters are left escaped. This is probably
    a deficiency, but a minor one.

  - Isolated double-quotes aren't escaped in any way.
    There's no clearly-correct way to deal with them,
    I think, but leaving them as they are means that
    the problem that prompted me to write this has only
    been lessened, not entirely fixed. This is a
    deficiency. Fixing it would substantially complicate
    the code. Kludging it, for instance by a second pass
    that simply annihilates double-quotes, would be
    pretty easy but arguably the Wrong Thing.

  - I haven't looked to see whether there are other bits
    of MIME handling that have the same problem.

Applying this patch would certainly be an improvement,
despite these deficiencies. It might be better to do
something that goes further, but I shan't attempt to
do so without some idea of what kind of going-further
is thought appropriate by the mod_mbox maintainers.

---------- patch begins ----------
--- mod_mbox_mime.c.ORIG        Thu Jun  1 13:32:37 2006
+++ mod_mbox_mime.c     Thu Jun  1 14:04:55 2006
@@ -85,12 +85,22 @@
        tmp = ap_strstr(body, "name=");
        if (tmp && tmp < headers_bound) {
             char c;
+            int in_quoted=0;
+            int escaped=0;
            tmp += sizeof("name=") - 1;
            k = tmp;
            while (*k) {
-               if (isspace(*k) || *k == ';') {
-                    c = *k;
+               if (in_quoted) {
+                   in_quoted = escaped || (*k != '"');
+                   escaped = (!escaped) && (*k == '\\');
+               }
+               else if (*k == '"') {
+                   in_quoted = 1;
+                   escaped = 0;
+               }
+               else if (isspace(*k) || *k == ';') {
+                   c = *k;
                    *k = 0;
---------- patch ends ----------

Gareth McCaughan

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