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From "Ivan Ristic" <>
Subject Re: Trouble with the bundled PCRE
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 09:02:00 GMT
> > Is there a reason for not including the PCRE headers in the /include/
> > directory of the Apache installation?
> It doesn't make sense to do that since httpd might be configured using
> an external copy of PCRE (configure --with-pcre).

I was thinking only in the case --with-pcre was not used.

> Exposing more of PCRE
> through ap_regex.h might be OK, it depends on what exactly you propose.

These are the things I am missing at the moment:

1. Ability to perform regular expressions against strings that are not
2. UTF-8 matching (this might require a change in how PCRE is
3. Access to pcre_study

At the moment I can only work around 1 by having a copy of the PCRE
headers Apache was compiled with. There is no way to handle 2 and 3.

I am not convinced extending the wrapper is the best way to go about
this. Even with the above changes the wrapper would not be complete so
someone may eventually end up not being able to access some of the
PCRE functionality.

Having access to the headers (again, only if internal PCRE library is
used) *and* compiling PCRE as a shared library (placing it in /lib)
would solve all the problems I am aware of, with minimal effort and no
drawbacks as far as I can see.

Ivan Ristic, Technical Director
Thinking Stone,
ModSecurity: Open source Web Application Firewall

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