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From "Ivan Ristic" <>
Subject Trouble with the bundled PCRE
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:39:29 GMT
I have a problem with the bundled PCRE that I am not sure how to
resolve. Basically, in a module I need to access more functionality
than provided by the Apache PCRE wrapper. (More specifically, I need
to perform matching against strings that are not NULL-terminated.) I
can do this if I have the Apache source code around, simply by using
the PCRE headers that are in the source tree. But I can't do that when
there is no source code since the PCRE headers are not available. Is
there a smart way around this? Am I missing anything?

Is there a reason for not including the PCRE headers in the /include/
directory of the Apache installation?

I'd be happy to submit a patch that makes more functionality available
through the wrapper but that is not going to solve my short-term
problems. (And I also think it makes more sense to make the wrapper,
if it is going to be full-featured, part of APR, or APR-UTIL.)

Ivan Ristic, Technical Director
Thinking Stone,
ModSecurity: Open source Web Application Firewall

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