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From "Jeff Trawick" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] #39275 MaxClients on startup [Was: Bug in 2.0.56-dev]
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 13:39:56 GMT
On 5/2/06, Chris Darroch <> wrote:

>    If you can bear with me for a day or two more, I should have
> a collection of patches ready.  These tackle the issue by
> tracking the start and listener threads in a nice new spot in
> the scoreboard, and also clean up various issues and bugs relating
> to fork(), ThreadLimit, ServerLimit, MaxClients, etc.  They also
> tackle some issues raised in various XXX comments and clean up
> some stale cruft in scoreboard.h.

Note that perform_idle_server_maintenance() can't depend on the child
process to put stuff in the scoreboard in order to avoid a fork bomb. 
Assume fork() stalls for 30 seconds in the child before returning to
our code, and make sure there is no opportunity for ramping up the
number of processes while we wait for a child to get a chance to

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