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From Alexey Toptygin <>
Subject Re: apr_brigade_insert_file() LFS/Linux issues
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 23:52:55 GMT
On Thu, 4 May 2006, Alexey Toptygin wrote:

> Sorry, but are you running a 32 bit userland with your 64 bit kernel? If
> you are, then the compatibility layer is involved, and sendfile is still 
> taking 32 bit values...

Never mind, on reading the thread more closely, I see that you said 64 

> I think I see a kernel bug here that would cause any count > (2 ** 31 - 1) to 
> get garbled, but only with 32-bit compat mode and only on x86_64 (not ia64, 
> the code there seems sane).

It turns out that you can never hit this - counts between 2**31 and 2**32 
get (impropperly) sign-extended to 64 bits, and then put in an unsigned 64 
bit variable - but the very next thing that touches that variable (2 
functions away) casts it to signed and returns EINVAL if it's negative.

Sorry for the noise.


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