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From "Mendonce, Kiran (STSD)" <>
Subject Problem with mod_cgid and large POST queries
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 22:15:20 GMT
If I use TCP socket instead of the default unix doman socket for the
Scriptsock directive, I have a problem when there is a huge post
payload. I have a form that sends a huge volume of data to a CGI script.
I get an error on the browser.

I did some debugging and found that the CGI process terminates even
before httpd can send it all of the data. But the CGI process has sent
out the Content Length and another message expected of it to the httpd.
Httpd while reading the pipe that it has with the CGI script reads the
data sent by the CGI process. However, the next read() fails because
with an ECONNRESET. Given that the CGI process has done what is expected
of it and that the response has reached httpd, isnt this a bug with
mod_cgid ? IMO, ECONNRESET should be ignored in this case and the
response should reach the client.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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