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From "Markus Schiegl">
Subject RE: mod_proxy_fcgi and php
Date Sat, 13 May 2006 21:21:25 GMT
On 10/05/06, Garrett Rooney wrote:

My next round with mod_proxy_fcgi and PHP as backend...

> Sorry it took me so long to get back to this.  Got distracted 
> with other things, etc.

> > From my limited perspective r->filename should be set to
> > "/opt/www/html/i.php" Any ideas?
> mod_proxy_fcgi is talking to an arbitrary socket that could 
> correspond to any file on disk, how would it figure out what 
> to set r->filename to?

The more i think about this, the more i agree with you. speeking to
a network connected backend and passing infos about local files
(actually not needed) makes little sense. 
Other conclusion: there is no <directory> based security possible,
hence i switched to <location> based security.

two more questions:

Because of r->uri == r->path_info, ap_add_cgi_vars sets SCRIPT_NAME to
PHP needs this one for backreference and
it must be set.
An empty r->path_info (manually patched) would give me a SCRIPT_NAME
but removes PATH_INFO, ergo no solution. Ideas?

Each fcgi-request is logged (mod_proxy_fcgi.c, line 918) as error?
What about replacing APLOG_ERR with APLOG_DEBUG?

> > While playing with mod_rewrite i realized it does not recognize fcgi

> > as scheme yet (1) The following patch should solve this.
> I'll look at getting this checked in, thanks!


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