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From Bjørn Stabell <>
Subject mod_proxy_balancer questions
Date Sat, 06 May 2006 12:56:51 GMT
I've been playing replacing pound with  
mod_proxy_balancer (mpb), and I've run into a few issues that I  
thought I'd share here, maybe confirm if I understood things correctly.

1) mpb logs when backend servers can't be contacted, but not when  
they are available again
It's important to be able to see when a backend server dies and when  
it's available again.
I was hoping for something that could be easily matched against, e.g.:
	backend B alive; taking online [info]
	backend B died; taking offline and moving clients B2 [error]
	backend B still dead [warning] -- regular check
	backend B has come alive again, taking online [error] -- error recovery

2) mpb doesn't warn/ log when switching backend server when  
It's important to know when this happens as it'll probably mean some  
user lost his session.
Something like:
	backend B died; taking offline and moving clients to B2; waited S  
seconds because stickysessions was set [error] -- maybe even more  

I've been running with loglevel=debug, so I hope I haven't missed  
messages like the above amongst all the other messages.


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