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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] #39275 MaxClients on startup [Was: Bug in 2.0.56-dev]
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 12:47:27 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:

> On 5/1/06, Greg Ames <> wrote:
>> after more thought, there is a simpler patch that should do the job.  the key to
both of
>> these is how threads in SERVER_DEAD state with a pid in the scoreboard are treated.
>> means that p_i_s_m forked on a previous timer pop but some thread never made it into
>> the difference:  this patch just counts those potential threads as idle, and allows
>> MinSpareThreads worth of processes to be forked before putting on the brakes.  the
>> previous patch pauses the forking immediately when the strange situation is detected
>> requires more code and a new variable.
> new patch is fine with me; I think we've lost our other interested
> parties on this thread anyway ;)

   I'm still here!  I had to be away from the keyboard most of last
week, so have only returned to this thread (pun intended, alas) recently.
I also found myself fixing a variety of other things that turned up
in the vicinity of this issue; patches forthcoming on those subjects.

   This is indeed a very straightforward fix; I've been trying to
ponder its consequences overnight.  The questions I've got (no
answers yet, just thought I'd ping so you know I'm here) would be
(a) whether you want to allow for SERVER_GRACEFUL as well to be
counted as idle, and (b) whether there's any reason to want to
not proceed through the if (any_dead_threads && ...) logic that
follows in p_i_s_m().

   If you can bear with me for a day or two more, I should have
a collection of patches ready.  These tackle the issue by
tracking the start and listener threads in a nice new spot in
the scoreboard, and also clean up various issues and bugs relating
to fork(), ThreadLimit, ServerLimit, MaxClients, etc.  They also
tackle some issues raised in various XXX comments and clean up
some stale cruft in scoreboard.h.


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