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From "Parin Shah" <>
Subject how to make fake request? (Was Re:It's that time of the year again)
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 07:59:17 GMT
> Plüm, Rüdiger,  wrote:

> I have been spending some time to remove the libcurl dependency by
> creating fake connection and requests. I didn't know we already have
> such functionality in proxy. Can you tell me where is that code to
> create fake connections/requests. I can use that code instead of
> libcurl for mod_cache_requestor. having permanent solution of
> apr-http-client would be even better. But we can use fake
> connection/requests until we have a permanent solutions.

- Please have a look at ap_proxy_connection_create /
ap_proxy_make_fake_req in proxy_util.c

well, they are not much of help as ap_proxy_connection_create needs an
actual connection, open socket etc. similarly,
ap_proxy_make_fake_request needs the connection and actual request to
copy some data. Now in my case, I have just uri string and not actual

So, I (unsuccessfully) tried to fake connection and request just by
creating them locally But that doesnt seem to work because we dont
have per_dir_config, and filters available locally.
This leads to seg faults when I run locally created request as a sub
request. I can find some , work around by intializaing all failing
data structures of connection and request. But that seems neither
clean nor maintainable. So, libcurl seems the best option unless some
body has some other idea which I can give a try.


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