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From Rian Hunter <r...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Listen directive, port specification
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 01:10:02 GMT

So the Listen directive now takes an optional protocol argument. In  
the documentation it states that if the protocol isn't specified then  
if the port number is 443, it is set to "https" otherwise "http".

This seems like a good idea. What about if the port number is 25,  
personally I want this to automatically set the protocol to "smtp".  
Sort of like our own /etc/services. I can of course see this turning  
into default protocol specifiers for multiple port numbers so I  
anticipate some type of config file similar to MIMEMagic in the future.

But for now, where is the code that set's the protocol to "https" if  
the port number is 443? I don't see it in the Listen directive handler.

Also is there a preferred way for a protocol module to accept a  
connection? Right now I have a directive "SmtpProtocol" that dictates  
whether mod_smtpd accepts a connection on a server_rec. There is also  
ap_get_server_protocol(server_rec *s) that returns the protocol based  
on the Listen directive. The second way is similar to the way  
handlers are selected.


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