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From "Garrett Rooney" <>
Subject Re: It's that time of the year again
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 17:04:03 GMT
On 4/17/06, Colm MacCarthaigh <> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 12:34:29PM -0400, Rian A Hunter wrote:
> > I think a SoC project that profiles Apache (and finds out where we
> > fall short) so that we are able to compete with other lightweight HTTP
> > servers popping up these days would be a good endeavor for any CS
> > student.
> Right now, I'm getting 22k reqs/sec from Apache httpd, and 18k/sec from
> lighttpd. Simple things like using epoll, or the way the worker
> balancing is done have huge effects compared to the tiny improvements
> refactoring code can have.
> > This seems to be more viable for our threaded MPMs. For the prefork
> > MPM, maybe a goal for 10,000 connections might be impractical.
> With prefork I can generally push about 27,000 concurrent connections
> before things get hairy. With worker, I have a usable system up to
> 83,000 concurrent connections, without much effort.
> > I haven't done any benchmarks myself, I've just read results so anyone
> > correct me if I'm wrong.
> Dan Kegels page is years out of date, and was uninformed even when it
> wasn't :)

I suspect that a significant problem with this sort of project will be
lack of proper hardware for benchmarking purposes.  From everything
I've heard it's not all that hard to totally saturate the kind of
networks you're likely to have sitting around your house with
commodity hardware and no real effort.  To really benchmark it's going
to require more stuff than your average college student has lying
around the house.


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