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From "R, Rajesh (STSD)" <>
Subject RE: mod_cgid not able to handle large POST request
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 06:08:13 GMT
when commented it uses DEFAULT_SOCKET /cgisock

Rajesh R
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From: pradeep kumar [] 
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2006 11:28 AM
Subject: Re: mod_cgid not able to handle large POST request

I don't have multiple instances of Apache. When I just use the standard
httpd.conf with only this directive commeted out I get this error. There
is no issue of multiple instances using the same Unix socket. How does
the communication between the cgid deamon and httpd deamon happen when
the Scriptsock directive is commented out.

On 3/31/06, Jeff Trawick <> wrote: 

	On 3/31/06, pradeep kumar < > wrote:
	> One more detail. I get this error only on commenting out the
	> directive. When I use this directive though I have no trouble
in running the
	> script.
	Is there more than one Apache instance with same ServerRoot,
such that 
	using the default ScriptSock results in multiple instances
trying to
	use the same Unix socket?  I assume you set Scriptsock to a
	non-default value?

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