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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Joint Release of all branches
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 00:04:47 GMT
Sander Temme wrote:
> I think we have three releasable tarballs on our hands. Let's throw  
> them over the wall.

+1 across the board, some -win32-src.zips (.58 since .57 was scuttled)
and installers are on the way.

There remain issues with VisualStudio 2005 but that's no-nevermind since
we previously decided it's safest to stay at VC6 and continue to plug in
without incident into ActiveState builds of the current python & perl.

On another note, the zlib 1.1.4 doesn't change in 2.0.58 that we will
bundle, although the more I think about this, the more trivial it is to
change over to linking to zlib 1.2.3 as a loadable library.  The key
issue is -binary compatibility-.  mod_deflate never exported the functions
it built form zlib 1.1.4 so there's no pain there.  That's a project change
that must wait for some arbitrary 2.0.59 if it came to pass.

On openssl bundled, almost anyone who was already linking openssl was using
openssl 0.9.7, which has been around longer than 2.0.43 IIRC.  So 0.9.7i will
be bundled for these 2.0.58 binaries.  But we don't have to make that same
assumption for 2.2, and in fact 0.9.8 nicely corresponds to our release 2.2.0.
So for our first 2.2.2 binaries, we will bundle 0.9.8a.

For the zlib library and openssl builds, I tweak a few things to make .pdb
backtrace information available.  Those short patches will be dropped into
/dist/httpd/binaries/win32/ since only the user who tries to make something
compatible to our binaries actually cares.  For everyone else, they are free
to tweak zlib/openssl whatever interesting way they like.


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