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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject Re: Email address on mail archive (fwd)
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 23:31:32 GMT

On 04/28/2006 11:45 PM, Ian Holsman wrote:
> On 29/04/2006, at 4:30 AM, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>> Welcome to the big bad Internet.  Not everyone is nice.  It's a
>> valuable lesson to learn.
>> We can do all of the obfuscation we want in mod_mbox, but spambots
>> *do* just subscribe to the lists.  (We see them in the subscriber
>> lists.)  So, we can't obfuscate those addresses in the emails everyone
>> receives.  -- justin
> Justin. we *want* people to use our bug system and our mailing lists.

I agree with you on the bug system issue because

1. The sender of the mail to the bugs list is So there is
   no need to disclose the problem reporters email address in these mails.
2. It might be unexpected for the user that its email address is added to those
3. Many bugzilla users are not that experienced.

OTH I agree with Justin regarding the discussion mailing lists. As we want to keep
the sender address of the person who sent a message a bot subscribing to the list
will get it anyway. So I think obsfucating the email addresses only in mod_mbox
creates a wrong expression of protection against spamming, especially for more
inexperienced users that are not aware of bots subscribing to the list.
Just doing it for the status quo is not really an argument for me to do so, as this
would not solve the users problems but only relieve us from users pointing
these kind of questions / requests to us.
Currently I see only the following reasons for obsfucating addresses in mod_mbox:

1. Other users of mod_mbox request this feature and someone of the developers is
   willing to do this / merge submitted patches.
2. The load on is increased too much by bots and obfuscating
   addresses would cause them to go away (which I do not really believe).



> Some of the subscribers may not be as experienced as you. They are  just
> after a certain level of comfort.
> By obfuscating their email address on web pages and bug reports we  give
> the comfort to them, and they in turn feel more comfortable  posting.
> It doesn't matter if we don't stop *all* bots, what is being asked  for
> is the status quo.
> The status quo on nearly all web-based products is to hide the email 
> address.
> and actually I think you could design the mailing list software *to* 
> obsfucate personal
> email addresses (similar to what gmane does).
> It is just that the status quo isn't there yet for mailing lists.
> --Ian
> -- 
> Ian Holsman
> Ian_at_Holsman.NET
> Never forget that you are unique, like everyone else.

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