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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: copyright notices
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 20:31:07 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> Wow, this discussion is getting out of hand.

Ack, sorry for my contribution to the noise ratio, and our collective 
frustration, but it's clear the board's entirely failed the projects in this
respect; we have alot of folks rethinking the same problem set, spread across
many lists, including semi-open legal-discuss and the closed legal-internal
and board lists.  Frequently these discussion threads come to very different
conclusions, which is why only a formal board statement can satisfy, anymore.

The problem is, this thread grew explosive that a few argued the change was
outwrite invalid, a few that it was irrelevant.  In any case, it's the deck
chairs of the titanic we are arguing over, they are going overboard in the
very near future...

> So, why didn't I apply the changes to httpd already?  The answer is
> because I am waiting for a board decision, and because the httpd source
> contains so much collective work that it is very hard to find a
> file that cannot be argued as (at least) a joint effort by the ASF.

+1 - and it's exactly what I expected.

> On Apr 21, 2006, at 11:46 AM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> This just isn't making sense as I read the svn tree for jackrabbit  
>> however.
>> I'm really completely unclear how this protects the files [...]
> That is irrelevant.  They are protected by copyright law, regardless
> of the notice or lack thereof.

The Berne convention is news to me, last week.  One question, even if the
US is a signatory, is this... has US copyright law been updated to conform
to the Berne treaty?  US law binds in all cases of US -> US disputes, and
also international disputes falling in US jurisdiction.  AIUI these must be
codified in the law that applies in the US.

Thank you for a detailed examination of how the files, copyright and license
quoted on this list apply to Jackrabbit!  It was rather meaningless out of
context for we, the uninformed.  I trusted Jackrabbit was right, but pointers
into SVN didn't give me any context of how the package is assembled, and what
pieces are expected to be cherry-picked by a developer.

> Jackrabbit is the test animal (so to speak).  Let's give the board
> time to consider what, if anything, should be done for general policy.

Of course!  I understood from the get-go that Jackrabbit was partly due
to the intersection of Day's contribution to the ASF, two clear parties
and very clear providence of the code.  I don't expect httpd to easily
fall into that exact mold.

> Personally, I think it is part of the board's job (and the chairs,
> being their conduit) to take care of this legal mumbo jumbo and thus
> save the developers from having to worry about it.

This would be a wonderful thing, yes.  Reinventing the wheel times four
dozen times over is a pretty horrid waste of our ASF's diverse talent.


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