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From Brandon Fosdick <>
Subject Buckets and brigades
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 04:54:26 GMT
Can I impose upon somebody to explain buckets and brigades to me? That is, assuming you guys
are finished arguing about copyrights. :)

Specifically, I'd like to know how they relate to request processing, but also how they work
in general. I know that a brigade is a FIFO of buckets, but...

I'm looking at mod_dav and there's a spot in the PUT handler where it creates a brigade, and
then gets a brigade, using the same pointer, like so...

        apr_bucket_brigade *bb;
        bb = apr_brigade_create(r->pool, r->connection->bucket_alloc);
        rc = ap_get_brigade(r->input_filters, bb, AP_MODE_READBYTES,
                                APR_BLOCK_READ, DAV_READ_BLOCKSIZE);

Does the call to ap_get_brigade() trash the brigade created by apr_brigade_create()?
What exactly is ap_get_brigade() getting? input filters? it looks like it should be getting
the request body, not a filter.


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