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From Gregory Szorc <>
Subject Re: Dynamic Group Support for mod_authnz_ldap
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 21:14:08 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:
  >> *To whom can I direct specific questions regarding mod_authnz_ldap and
>> util_ldap?
> This mailing list.

Alright then.  I have some rather specific implementation questions:

Do we want the "require ldap-group" directive to handle both static and 
dynamic groups, or do we want a new directive, say "require 

If extending the functionality of "require ldap-group," do we want 
dynamic group lookups enabled by default (as a fall back) or do we want 
a config directive to enable them?  A performance caveat of dynamic 
groups is they require a ldap search for the dynamic group attribute 
(but this could be cacheable).

Is it possible to cache the output of the search that obtains the 
dynamic group attributes from a group DN?  Looking at the debugger, I 
can see util_search_node_t has a "vals" member, but I can't seem to 
produce any multi-valued cache searches.  Can someone give me some 
pointers on where to find some code that has multi-valued cache storage 
and searches?

For the overall caching support, I see there are 3 cache nodes:  search, 
compare, and dn_compare.  I assume I can cache the search for dynamic 
group member URL's using the search cache.  However, there are two 
choices for caching the dynamic group membership lookup result.  1) Use 
the compare cache.  The result of the dynamic group lookup is stored in 
the compare cache under the DN of the original group.  Then, 
uldap_cache_compare, which is called by existing "require ldap-group" 
code will find this cached result and we don't have to worry about 
executing dynamic group code.  2) Use the search cache.  Since dynamic 
groups are given by LDAP URI's that reference a search, this seems more 
logical, however incurs a little more overhead since the existing 
"require ldap-group" code would not handle dynamic groups.  In my 
opinion, if we were to extend "require ldap-group", then method 1. makes 
sense, whereas a separate directive dictates method 2.

If someone could comment on the existing patch I have at, it would be 
much appreciated.  I am a first-time HTTPD contributer and want to make 
sure I am on the right track.

Gregory Szorc

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