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From Gregory Szorc <>
Subject Dynamic Group Support for mod_authnz_ldap
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 06:43:52 GMT
I am willing to contribute a patch to mod_authnz_ldap to enable it to do 
dynamic group lookup (basically there are attributes in a group entry 
whose values are LDAP URIs that describe a search that will contain 
group members).

My feature request and initial patch are at, but I would 
like some more input before I make a final drive at completing the 

Some of my questions are:

*What needs to be customizable?  The 'memberURL' attribute that contains 
LDAP URI's is pretty universal, but I'm not sure if it is a standard or 
if other LDAP implementation use something else.

*How robust should the processing be of the returned LDAP URI's?  It 
might be theoretically possible for the URI to reference another LDAP 
server and hence the need to establish another connection!  Is it worth 
doing this?  Is this even a common occurrence?

*To whom can I direct specific questions regarding mod_authnz_ldap and 

Thank you for your time,

Gregory Szorc

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