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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: Bug in Apache ap_internal_fast_redirect() function????
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 03:53:38 GMT
Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Now I know the above problem is something specific to mod_python and
> nothing to do with the core of Apache, but in investigating this, am
> starting to question whether what the function ap_internal_fast_redirect()
> is doing is even sensible in some parts anyway. Specifically, it does:
>     r->headers_out = apr_table_overlay(r->pool, rr->headers_out,
>                                        r->headers_out);
>     r->err_headers_out = apr_table_overlay(r->pool, rr->err_headers_out,
>                                            r->err_headers_out);
>     r->subprocess_env = apr_table_overlay(r->pool, rr->subprocess_env,
>                                           r->subprocess_env);
> In this code "r" is the main request_rec and "rr" is that for the sub
> request which matched actual file in DirectoryIndex directive file list.
> {'no-etag': '', 'mod_userdir_user': 'grahamd', 'python_init_ran': '1', 
> 'ap-mime-exceptions-list': 'œ\', 'mod_userdir_user': 'grahamd'}

I agree, and believe, that this is a bug in the core, not in mod_python.

I believe changing the all of they apr_table_overlay calls mentioned 
above to apr_table_overlap would fix the problem. Thoughts?


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