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From Kiran Mendonce <>
Subject Re: Errors while using graceful shutdown
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 12:51:52 GMT
I could fix this with some modifications to mod_cgid.c. I found that the 
httpd process serving the CGI request tries to contact the daemon in the 
cleanup callback even when a graceful restart has been issued. A check 
for a graceful restart situation should be made before the connect. The 
following condition at the beginning of cleanup_script() solves the 
problem :

    if (ap_graceful_stop_signalled())
        return APR_EGENERAL;


Brian Akins wrote:

> Kiran Mendonce wrote:
>> For every concurrent request issued, there seems to be an error.
> I think this is because ab closes the last set of connections without 
> completing the HTTP "transaction."  We noticed this on some of our 
> apps.  This may or may not be your issue as well.

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