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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: AW: mod_proxy_ajp - The purpose of FLUSHING_BANDAID
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 18:19:37 GMT
Plüm wrote:
> First: I am the author.

Cool. Did someone ever told you to that you
need to fix your mail client ;).
I hate your AW:AW:AW...

>> I would love that we remove the FLUSHING_BANDAID from the code
>> because it concept breaks the AJP protocol specification.
> I do not understand how this breaks the spec. There might be reasons
> to handle this differently, but I see no violation of the specs.

AJP is packet based, so you can not depend on the fact that the
flush will happen only when the server is busy, and that is what
your patch is doing.

We need explicit packet flushing until we extend the AJP
protocol with something like 'FLUSH'.

Further more, your patch slows down the mod_proxy_ajp by 10%.

> The flushing bandaid simply tries to detect whether it needs to add
> a flush bucket or not after the data of *one* packet has been added
> to the brigade.

That's wrong. We don't have flush for AJP, and the only solution is
to eaither flush on each packet, or never.


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