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From "Marc Stern" <>
Subject mod_ssl, caching, and locations
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:51:18 GMT
I found a strange behaviour related to mod_ssl and caching.

I have a module that hooks the requests (via ap_hook_post_read_request).
I defined a location such as:
 <VirtualHost _default_:443>
 MyDirective "global"
 <Location /sub>
  MyDirective "sub"

When I connect to the host in the "sub" location (,
with an expired certificate, my module is called and the value of
MyDirective is "sub", as expected. If I hit back on my browser, and I come
back again on the same link, with the same certificate, it seems that Apache
detects the SSL connection was previously refused, thus it does not perform
all the certificate checks - it directly refused the connection. The problem
is that my module, which is also called in this case, receives the global
context: the value of MyDirective is "sub".

Do I miss something ?



Technical note: As my module traps SSL errors, in case an error occurs with
a certificate, the SSL connection is established (one-way) and a redirect is
performed to a HTTP URI. Although the connection was established, Apache
still remembers the internal SSL status.

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