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From "Saju Pillai" <>
Subject Re: event_mpm and poll()
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 06:55:13 GMT
On 02/03/06, Greg Ames <> wrote:
> Paul Querna wrote:
> >>  The event mpm expects the apr_pollset backends to be based on epoll()
> >> / kqueue() or Solaris 10 event ports. What are the reasons because of
> >> which poll() is not considered to be suitable for the event mpm ?
> >>
> >> Is this because of the large number of fd's to be polled and linear
> >> scalability that epoll() / kqueue() provides but poll() doesn't ? Is
> >> there any reason why a poll() based implemenation of event_mpm cannot
> >> be done if some performance degradation is ok ?
> >
> >
> > Performance is actually not the core reason.
> >
> > The core reason is the thread-safety of the pollset.
> >
> > Poll() does not allow a 'main thread' that is polling to get new sockets
> > added to it, without first waking it up.
> >
> > KQueue/EPoll both allow a second thread to insert pollfds into the
> > pollset, while a main thread is still polling.  This significantly
> > reduces the complexity, and allows for better performance, because we
> > don't require a Context-Switch to add a client to the main pollset.
> Bill Stoddard and I originally used poll().  but there was a problem
> getting the event
> thread to notice a new descriptor and add it to the pollset in a timely
> manner.  I added
> some Rube Goldberg stuff to solve that, involving a pipe and extra context
> switching as
> Paul mentioned.  that was good enough for a proof of concept and shaking
> out other issues.


Where can I see this code ? I looked through trunk & 2.2.x branches from the
web but the oldest event.c uses epoll()/kqueue().

I was looking to see if I could hack up a async worker like mpm using poll()
on 2.0. A look at your code will help a lot :)


but the new fancy poll implementations take care of that, so what is in svn
> now is much
> cleaner.  worker threads can add a descriptor directly to the pollset and
> the listener
> thread reacts appropriately even if it is currently blocked.  nice!
> Greg

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