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From Plüm, Rüdiger, VIS <>
Subject AW: AW: proxy failover/load balance
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 09:52:37 GMT

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Robby Pedrica 

> Hi Rudiger,
> I've applied patches and recompiled. My results are as follows:
> 1. apache starts up with the member 'b' disabled now
> 2. if I shutdown the working member 'a' httpd, then manager shows the change only when
you try and access the web site. Moves from state ok to err
> 3. If I bring the member 'a' back up again ( start httpd ) then manager shows the move
from err to ok only after trying to access the site.

2. and 3. work as designed. httpd only changes the status for a worker to err if a request
failed in the middle or if it tried to assign a request
to this worker and that failed. Once the worker is in error state httpd will not try to assign
a new request to this worker for "retry" seconds
(see parameter explanation at
After that grace period the worker gets new requests
assigned again and will switch back to ok once it processed the assigned request successfully.

> This is definitely an improvement even if failover isn't working because at least we
can manually failover ...

Considering my explanation above, what do you mean by "failover isn't working"?



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