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From Davy Durham <>
Subject module development question
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 16:57:40 GMT
Hi,  I have some specific questions concerning a module I would like to 
write.  Or I'd, of course, like to know if something already exists that 
does the same or similar thing.  Please, let me know if there is a more 
appropriate mailing list to ask this.

Basically, the module would, upon receiving a request for a configured 
uri, fork/exec a process and have Apache abandon any further handling of 
the request (i.e. close its copy of the socket handle, set 
conn->aborted=1, return DONE, etc).  The child process would inherit the 
socket handle and continue to run after apache has supposedly finished 
"handling" the request.

It's unlike CGI, in that the process outlives the request and data 
to/from the fork/exec()-ed process is not filtered through Apache.

The end result is that apache is a bit like an xinetd super-daemon for 
some server peice of a client/server application, but (the good part) 
the port is "shared" with web traffic too.

If this sounds like something someone can deal with answering questions 
about, let me know and I will ask more specific question on or off (<-- 
please specify) the mailing list.


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