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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject httpd-trunk with MSIE (async read broken?) and AJP problems was Re: httpd-trunk sucking CPU on ajax
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 08:35:56 GMT
On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 11:55:31PM -0800, Sander Temme wrote:
>, which is running trunk or something very close to  
> it to debug the JIRA issues, has some child processes sucking extreme  
> quantities of CPU. For instance:

Also, we're getting reports that IE clients on Windows consistently get
408s (server timeout) immediately from httpd.  Some users with Safari and
Firefox can see this problem occassionally, but MSIE triggers it a good
portion of the time.

Coupled with the EOR brokenness (infinite loop?), this sounds like the
async-read code is severely busted.  Either we should fix it, or we need to
revert it.  =)

There are also still problems with proxy code corrupting data from the AJP
side of things.  See:

for the infrastructure issue open for this.  We were at 2.2.0 but the proxy
code is just not working right.  We confirmed network traces that Tomcat is
sending the right bits back, but httpd is corrupting data near the end of
the AJP send_body_chunk responses such that the client sees junk.

My initial thought was that the we could have an issue with the transient
buckets, but when I switched them to be a heap bucket - the corruption
continued.  Only when I did the SSL flush patch did the corruption largely
go away - but some folks have still reported occassional problems since I
put that change live Friday night.

Any and all eyes appreciated, but we've got serious brokenness and its time
to fix up our dogfood...  ;-)  -- justin

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