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From Maxime Petazzoni <>
Subject Re: Upcoming changes in mod_mbox repository
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 22:39:02 GMT
* William A. Rowe, Jr. <> [2006-02-11 17:10:36]:

> >Why not simply ./automake and check in the resulting ./autoconf-ready 
> >files?  If you desire to delete the automake files afterwards, th
>'s fine.  It's how we migrated the incubating mod_ftp out of automake.
> Of course more work on mod_ftp's build system is still needed, but at least
> automake is out of the picture.

If you're willing to keep an easy way of managing the build, the
automake files still need to be part of the repository, and that's not
going to honor the veto on automake.

If you have a solution to this problem, or if you (i'm talking to
everyone here, not just you Bill) have some time to switch the surgery
branch to the httpd build system then shoot.

Otherwise, I'd like to have some more detailled explanations (or a mail
reference to) on this veto.

- Sam
Maxime Petazzoni (
 -- gone crazy, back soon. leave message.

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