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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject mod_proxy_fcgi TODO list
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 22:06:46 GMT
Just in case other people want to jump in and fix things, here's a
list of stuff I think needs to be done in order to make httpd +
mod_proxy_fcgi a good replacement for the current popular fcgi
solutions (httpd 1.3.x and mod_fcgi and lighttpd + it's fcgi module).

Note that this is split up into things that need to be fixed in
mod_proxy_fcgi and things that will probably need changes in mod_proxy
itself.  I'm also of the opinion that not all of this stuff needs to
be fixed in order for us to merge the current fcgi proxy branch back
into trunk.  If we could fix the majority of the mod_proxy_fcgi
specific stuff that would be enough to justify merging it into trunk.


* Stuff that needs to be fixed in mod_proxy_fcgi itself

Figure out what to do about the TZ env variable.

Deal with the (very remote) possibility that the environment is large
enough that it won't fit in the available 32 bits of the length field
in the header.

Fix handle_headers so that it works when the \r\n\r\n is split into
two of the FastCGI records, or when a FastCGI uses \n\n without the

Investigate the possibility of making our network I/O nonblocking.

Update the various proxy statistics, so that balancer:// stuff actually works.

Look at cleaning up the FCGI_STDERR logging, after testing with real
world users we may be able to make it look nicer.  Once suitable work
in mod_proxy and execd has been done, look at using unix domain
sockets and execd to start FastCGI processes.

Testing needs to be done with large users of FastCGI like Rails,
Django, Catalyst, and other such frameworks and instructions need to
be written as to how to make them use mod_proxy_fcgi.

* Stuff that needs to be fixed in the mod_proxy framework

Need a way to use a unix domain socket or a pipe instead of a TCP socket.

Need to generalize the ProxyPass options stuff, so that back end
modules can have config options without having to hack it into
mod_proxy itself.

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