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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_proxy_fcgi - s/fcgi-tcp:/fcgi:/
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 04:43:33 GMT
As we get further into implementing this stuff, it seems more and more
silly to have more than one scheme for fastcgi.  Any non-tcp mechanism
is going to require more info than we can easily get out of the URL
anyway, since we're already using the path portion of the URL for
calculating the path_info, so we might as well just use fcgi:// URLs
and save people some typing.  When the time comes to implement fcgi
over unix domain sockets or pipes we'll be able to infer the socket
type needed from the ProxyPass parameters or some other similar means.

With that in mind, does anyone object to the following patch?


Change the FastCGI URL scheme to fcgi://.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_fcgi.c
  (proxy_fcgi_canon): Stop pretending unix domain sockets will need their
   own url scheme.
  (FCGI_SCHEME): New constant to describe the FastCGI proxy backend.
  (proxy_fcgi_handler): Drop the fcgi-local stuff, use FCGI_SCHEME now that
   we aren't worrying about multiple types of FastCGI workers.

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