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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: [patch] FCGI -- pass path-info to FCGI process
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 05:41:01 GMT
On 1/5/06, Garrett Rooney <> wrote:
> On 1/5/06, Ian Holsman <> wrote:
> > this allows you to pass a 'path' to the fast cgi process
> > to use:
> > ProxyPass  /forum fcgi-tcp://
> >
> > request
> > /forum/zx will have a path_info of /foruX/zx
> >
> > posting it as a patch, as the code is a bit fugly.
> The question is, what should PATH_INFO actually be set to.  Your way
> of doing things gives some interesting flexibility, but intuitively it
> seems to me that it would be the portion of the request URI after
> /forum (for this example), not include /forum at all.
> Also, I'm not sure about this syntax because I'm not clear how it
> would work for local fcgi processes that use a unix domain socket.
> I've assumed that the fcgi-local:// scheme would do something like
> fcgi-local://localhost/path/to/socket, and in that case how can you
> tell the difference between the socket and the path extension?

FWIW, here's my alternate patch to implement PATH_INFO.  It seems to
give results that match what I'd assume (i.e. for a ProxyPass on
/fcgi, and a request to /fcgi/foo?bar&baz you'd get PATH_INFO = "foo",
QUERY_STRING = "bar?baz"), and I imagine you can play mod_rewrite
tricks to get more interesting behavior if you're so inlined.


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