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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Some mod_mbox cores on ajax
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 04:58:50 GMT
... in /raid1/httpd-cores. I have made them 644 for perusal. There  
appears to be a core every couple of days, from the 2.1.10 image that  
was running on the box until tonight.

Unless I'm doing something wrong with gdb, they're not very useful.  
Here's a backtrace from core.11358:

#0  mbox_cte_escape_html (p=0x6000000000548188,
     s=0x60000000004e4ea8 '-' <repeats 200 times>...,  
     body=0x60000000002b94d8) at mod_mbox_cte.c:82
#1  0x2000000001021600 in mbox_mime_display_static_structure (
     r=0x6000000000548188, m=0x60000000002b94d8,  
link=0x200000000103e938 "")
     at mod_mbox_mime.c:362

 From frame 1:

(gdb) print r->finfo->fname
$3 = 0x600000000053a157 "/<OF8CDE9A2E.B34E06CD-ON80256FCB.>"

Otherwise, the request_rec appears full of garbage. I don't know if  
this is because the server was built with -g -O2. Perhaps I need to  
load the module text before I can get meaningful data out of gdb?


(gdb) bt
#0  mbox_cte_escape_html (p=0x60000000003311a8,
     s=0x60000000005df628 '-' <repeats 200 times>...,  
     body=0x60000000004bd498) at mod_mbox_cte.c:82
#1  0x2000000001021600 in mbox_mime_display_static_structure (
     r=0x60000000003311a8, m=0x60000000004bd498,  
link=0x200000000103e938 "")
     at mod_mbox_mime.c:362
Previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)

(gdb) print r->finfo->fname
$1 = 0x600000000041b937 "/<OF8CDE9A2E.B34E06CD-ON80256FCB.>"

Looks like the same as above. Note the remark about the possibility  
of stack corruption. Do we have something overwriting the stack frame?

The other three cores are for the same fname. Wonder what mail that  
is that seems to reproducably crash mod_mbox.

The httpd-2.2.0 I just installed is running the same mod_mbox code,  
so it's not unlikely that we'll see this happen again.


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