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From Laurent Perez <>
Subject Re: mod_disk_cache behaviour with Vary: header
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:50:12 GMT
> Wait a minute. Are you using 2.2.0 or are you using 2.0.54?  AFAIK,
> Debian has not imported 2.2.xx at all yet.

oh my.. sorry, the logs messages I had were [Tue Jan 24 17:53:50 2006]
[debug] /home/adconrad/build/apache2/security/sarge/apache2-2.0.54/build-tree/apache2/modules/experimental/mod_cache.c(446)
and I mixed 2-2 with 2.0.

> In 2.2.0, it uses a .vary directory, with the same base hash, and then
> all varied contents are re-hashed underneath that base <hash>.vary
> directory.  It gives you the correct behavior with varied contents.

yea, in fact I was reading MARC mailing list archives and just found
out about this.

thanks for the answer Paul, now I guess I'll have to convince my
hosting company to switch to 2.2 :p

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