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From Colm MacCarthaigh <>
Subject Stalled "accepted" patches in 2.0.x
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 21:06:09 GMT

I'm comfortable backporting all of the 2.0.x patches marked ACCEPTED apart
from the following two:

    *) mod_actions: Regression from 1.3: the file referred to must exist.
       Solve this by introducing the "virtual" modifier to the Action
       directive. PR 28553.
         modules/mappers/mod_actions.c: r1.32, r1.34
       jerenkrantz: Icky side-effect of the *t == '0' check.
       +1: nd, jerenkrantz, wrowe, jim
       -0: by rbb (inconsistent to 1.3, discussion on dev@)
          nd: I'm going to reverse the default
          jerenkrantz, striker: I'm confused as to the status of this backport.

I have to agree with the last point. Is this accepted, or is it not, and
what are the subversion revision numbers? or where is a patch I can

    *) Win32: Move call to mpm_service_install to the rewrite_args hook
       from the post_config hook.
       +1: stoddard, striker, wrowe (as corrected in subsequent patches)

What are the subsequent patches being referred to? What exactly is under
proposal here?

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