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From Colm MacCarthaigh <>
Subject Time for 2.0.56 ?
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 03:42:03 GMT

I've been extremely busy for the last month, and it doesn't look like
I'll have much time for coding in the next few weeks. If anyone wants to
work on execd stuff fire away, most of what I have uncommitted is a mash
of things I have to clean up.

If anyone is waiting on it as a dependency for fcgi, using the apr API
should be safe, because an execd api can mimic that relatively easily
and I can port it later if noone beats me to it.

In the last two days, I hit two problems with 2.0.55 which have commited
patches for them (mod_proxy_ftp href and the mod_cgid OPTIONS bugs). So
I'm volunteering to RM 2.0.56. 

The rate of change on 2.0.x is slowing down quite a lot lately, but it's
coming up to 6 months and there's a lot sitting there.. If I'm hitting
repeat bugs, others must be too. Unless anyone tells me I'm crazy, a
roll to vote on would be in around a week from now.

One patch which hasn't gotten review which I'm keen to get backported is
the mod_cgid suexec fix, if anyone has some time to look at it, it would
be appreciated, if I can help anyone with that - just say so. If what it
does is not clear, I can attempt to document it better. Upstream
maintainers are already asking for it and don't want it to slide too

Another stalled cgid patch is the solaris autoconf patch. It would be
nice to get the newer one in (It's referenced in STATUS). So I'd like to
remove Justin's original patch proposal and put in a new one. Any

In a similar situation Adam Retter posted a cleaned-up backport of the
reverse-proxy cookie fixes to this list a few days ago too, so it would
be nice to reset the clock on that vote too - with the updated patch.

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